Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the Beginning

      Welcome to a new and exciting adventure for you and your children! Genesis 1-ten is based on the Bible verse referenced. We want to provide home schooled children ages 9 and up, along with their parents, the opportunity not only to belong to an adventure club, but also to appreciate God’s big world by exploring and participating in it. All that He created; He called good and we want you to learn about and be a part of His good creation. 
Each month we have a different adventure set up in one of three categories, land, water, or air. Some of these adventures are pretty slow and easy; others will be more challenging and will push you to come out of your comfort zone. In all of it, we want to actively look for God and what He has given to us to learn and share.
Children learn by example and an outdoor adventure club is an excellent way to teach them about being good stewards of God’s creation and looking at it in a different perspective.  Parents, you will receive encouragement from your children in amazing ways.